Markets and Applications

Industrial Automation

Industrial production is constantly being redefined as artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things become more common within the manufacturing industry. Elinco’s motors offer long life, high efficiency, and excellent high torque density to reduce costs, improve overall quality, and maximize the performance of automation technology.

Medical Technology

As a top provider of application support with years of engineering experience, Elinco is a known leader in precision motion control solutions and miniature motors for the medical industry. We have an extensive lineup that includes sterilizable brushless DC slotted motors and support a collaborative environment between our engineering and sales teams and our customers. Our medical motors power ventilation equipment, medical pumps, surgical hand tools, lab automation, and more.

Our motors are designed to provide more power in a smaller space, reduced EMI/RFI emissions, and low vibration and noise levels. If you need a specific fit, Elinco offers custom options that can include gearheads, encoders, and intricate shafts. Our modified design configurations can reduce assembly costs while delivering a precise, high-powered component. Whatever design and performance needs you require for your medical motor package, we can supply the best option.

Office Automation

From printers and copiers to security systems, automation has become increasingly common in the modern office. As automation technology continues to advance, companies can expect to see automated technology incorporated into office and computer equipment, building maintenance systems, and other critical aspects of office operations. With low-vibration, low-noise, and high-precision, brushless motors are particularly valuable for providing a quiet, professional office settings.

Aerospace and Military

Equipment in aerospace and military applications must be able to operate with extreme precision and reliability while creating a minimal amount of noise and vibration. ’s slotless BLDC motors and fans are ideal for use in a host of airborne, land-based, and underwater applications, including ventilation systems, fuel systems, and exhaust systems. Military and aerospace brushless motors are also lighter and require little maintenance, which makes them energy efficient, convenient, and cost-effective.

Clinical Diagnostics

Clinical diagnostics machines generally have multiple motion axes that work together or separately to complete a range of functions. However, these motion axes need different solutions to increase system throughput. Elinco has the required motor technology, including motorized miniature pumps and pipettes, to perfect each axis and meet our customers’ specific applications.

Industrial Equipment

Industrial equipment uses a wide variety of brushed and brushless motors, including linear motors, servomotors, robotic actuators, extruder drives, and feed drives for CNC machining equipment. Brushless DC motors are particularly useful in positioning, actuation, and variable speed applications that require precise control and dependability. 





Exceptional Precision Rotation Components From  Elinco International JPC

Whether you need motors for aerospace instruments or a high performance automotive 

Our extensive selection of precision rotation components and motion control products includes:

  • Brushless DC Motors: Our quiet, energy-efficient brushless motors are available in slotless, closed loop, FHD, FYD, VH inner rotor, and VH outer rotor designs. Find the perfect motor for your frame size, rated torque, rated speed, and speed control range. 
  • Stepper Motors: For highly controlled, precision processes, look to ’s cutting-edge stepper motors. Available in two- and three-phase designs, our stepper motors are designed to meet a variety of motor frame sizes and step angles, voltages, currents, resistances, and holding torque, so you can find the perfect motor for your needs. 
  • Drives and Controls: We are pleased to offer 2- and 3-phase stepping motor drivers, closed loop drivers, and packaged drivers, to facilitate dependable precision control for a wide range of equipment. 
  • PMDC Motors: Our DME series with pulse generators and DMN series permanent magnet DC (PMDC) motors are designed for durability, long service life, and high output with a variety of gear heads and reduction ratios to meet a variety of application requirements.
  • Fans and Blowers: Our extensive portfolio of fans and blowers includes AC blowers and fans, DC axial fans, DC centrifugal blowers, high pressure fans, and silent fans with a broad array of sizes, voltages, airflow, and static pressure settings, so you can rest assured that you have the perfect fan or blower for your needs.

To learn more about our precision products and services, contact our experts today!