Motor Fans and Blowers

Industrial machines, HVAC systems, air circulation systems, and cooling systems depend on fans and blowers for air movement. While fans move air in high volumes throughout an open space, blowers efficiently move air in a single direction. Selecting the ideal air movement solution is critical to ensure the proper function, cost-effectiveness, and energy efficiency of the intended application.

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Understanding Motor Fans

Motor fans consist of a central hub driven by a brushless DC motor that rotates a number of blades to move air. There are two main types of fans—centrifugal fans that move air in a radial direction, and axial fans that move air in a parallel direction from the shaft. Fans provide continuous, energy-efficient operation and are often equipped with advanced noise-reduction technology that allows them to run quietly. Motor fans come in several sizes and types to suit the cooling or air circulation needs of various machines.

Understanding Blowers

While fans are designed to move air in large volumes with minimal effect on air pressure, blowers operate with a slight increase in air pressure ranging from 1:1.1 to 1:1.2, focusing the air in a single direction against the air resistance in a system.

There are two main types of blowers: centrifugal and positive displacement. Using controlled pathways and centrifugal force, a centrifugal blower directs air in a concentrated stream. It accelerates the airflow in a radial direction, shifting the air direction by about 90°. Positive displacement blowers work by trapping incoming air and forcing it out in a specific direction. Each type of blower is capable of producing higher air pressure than traditional fans, making them effective at moving air against resisting forces.

Additional Details on Motor Fans & Blowers

AC Fans & AC Blowers

AC fans and blowers are suitable for moving or circulating large amounts of air with high efficiency. They are typically preferred for use with high-powered equipment and use an alternating current to power the motor.

High Pressure Fan

High-Pressure Fans

High-pressure fans are ideal for industrial applications requiring powerful airflow through areas of high resistance. They are suitable for moving air through long ventilation systems, ductwork, and filters.

DC Axial Fan

DC Axial Fans and Blowers

DC axial fans and blowers are compact and energy-efficient, making them ideal for electronic equipment and confined space applications. Operating on a direct current, they offer longevity and reliability.

DC Centrifugal Blowers and ImpellersCentrifugal Blower

DC centrifugal fans and impellers are very sturdy, making them perfect for higher-pressure environments. They can have maximum airflows of over 600 CFM and static pressures over 800 Pa.

Centrifugal Blower

Silent Fans

Silent fans are common in environments where minimal noise levels are required, such as office machines, kitchens, consumer electrical appliances, and medical equipment. Elinco International JPC offers silent fans with DC motors for an extended lifespan and increased airflow. We also carry models with optional dual-speed controls.

Applications of Fans and Blowers

Motor Fans

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Fans are prevalent in many applications, cooling and ventilating larger spaces by moving gas and heat out of the area. Blowers are ideal for applications that require directed air with higher pressure, such as supplying oxygen to combustion equipment, removing debris, and quickly drying surfaces. Users can determine if a blower or fan is required for their application by considering if the air must be distributed in a cross-section or directly focused on a point.

Choosing the Right Equipment

Selecting the ideal fan or blower depends on several factors and the user’s goals. When selecting the air movement solution for an application, consider options such as:

  • Speed Control
  • Required Output Pressure and Airflow
  • Noise Reduction
  • Size of the Installation Area
  • Power Source Available for the Fan or Blower
  • Energy Efficiency Needs

Fans are ideal for moving air at a consistent pressure, while blowers increase the pressure of the air. Elinco International JPC can help our clients select the right air movement solution for their needs. We work with customers in various industries, including industrial, transportation, energy, and medical. Depending on your requirements, our team can customize our air movement products with specialized components and value-added services such as:

  • Increased Output Brushless DC Motors
  • Bearings
  • Custom Blades
  • Heat Shrink Sleeves
  • Ip-Rated Waterproof Components
  • Wire Harnesses and Connectors
  • Tachometers and Speed Controls

Let Elinco JPC Guide You to Perfect Airflow Solutions

Fans and blowers are important components in cooling and air circulation applications across most industries. Fans are ideal for circulating air throughout a defined space, while blowers provide a focused and high-pressure flow of air to a direct point. Elinco International JPC can help you select the ideal fan or blower for your application and provide value-added services to ensure you have a perfect air movement solution. Contact us to speak with a specialist about the right solution for your application.

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