Brushless DC Motors (BLDC Motors)


Brushless DC motors are speed-versatile, continuous-operation motors that are used in equipment across every major industry. Also referred to as BLDC motors, these electro-mechanical motion assemblies utilize direct current (DC) voltage to rotate a permanent magnet around the internal coils. In comparison to brushed DC, BLDC motors have design differences that offer more efficient performance and functionality non-dependent on commutator brushes.

Brushless DC Motors Catalog


Brushless DC Motors (BLDC Motors)


BLDC Motor Specifications

BLDC motors are offered in multiple sizes, mechanical outputs, voltage ratings, specifications, closed-loop feedback, and additional features. Selecting the appropriate motor is key to reliably powering your equipment with a long-lasting, efficient solution. Consider the following key specifications for selecting a brushless DC motor:

Power Rating

A motor’s rated torque output is proportional to the product’s electro-mechanical conversion efficiency and power rating. A higher power output tends to correlate with larger frame sizes that are rated for higher torques across a variable speed range. The proportional relation between higher power and larger frame sizes is due to the available internal space within the motor for stator windings, wire gauges, and rotor magnets. While most motor suppliers focus on either sub-fractional horsepower or 1000-watt+ products, Elinco JPC provides a wide range of BLDC power ratings from 3.7 W to 2300 W.

Motor Frames

Motor assemblies include external bodies that protect, house, and secure internal components within a large appliance or equipment piece. Frames allow the motor to attach to actuators or application mounting plates securely and include support hardware for easy attachment or removal. Most motors offer standard frame sizes that follow the NEMA size structure. A larger motor frame, mass, and geometry output a higher inertial load independent of torque and speed specifications. As you shop for replacement motors, be sure to account for the appropriate frame size within the motion-based assembly or consider implementing an adapter plate between mounting surfaces.

Rotational Speed

Rotational speed is measured in terms of RPMs or the rotations of the output shaft per minute. The speed range of a motor will vary based on the construction, design, and voltage frequency. Motors can provide variable speeds based on working conditions and controls. A BLDC motor’s rated speed is the maximum speed output that does not affect torque efficiency or limit continuous operation. Below the rated maximum speed, the rated torque remains consistent across a specified speed range. Rotational speed can also be lowered by a multiplication factor depending on whether a gearbox is attached to the motor’s pinion shaft.

Rated Torques

A motor’s torque is the rotating force at the output shaft that is translated into mechanical work. An advantage that BLDC motors have over other motor offerings is a rated torque that remains flat throughout a speed range. A BLDC motor’s rated torque is dependent on power ratings (and thus frame sizes). A higher-rated torque ensures the motor’s ability to handle higher force loads. BLDC motors also provide an acceleration torque for limited-duty operation at startup and slowdown procedures.

Elinco Brushless DC Motor Series

At Elinco International, we provide high-quality BLDC motors built for different work and specification requirements. Our catalog includes the following series:

  • VH: Elinco VH inner and outer rotor motors are powerhouses that deliver high levels of torque and excellent reliability.
  • FHD: Our FHD motors come in rated power levels of 20 W to 60 W and have 14 poles.
  • FYD: Our FYD motors come in rated power levels of 6 W to 40 W.
  • SL: The patented design involves a stator winding situated within a laminated stator ring (omitting traditional teeth) alongside a permanent magnet rotor. It offers many benefits compared to standard Brushless DC motor constructions.

Benefits of a Slotless Brushless DC Motors

  1.  Zero Cogging Torque: By removing the stator teeth, the slotless motors do not have a preferred rotor position, allowing the shafts to rotate smoothly at any speed.
  2.  Smooth Torque: A reduced torque ripple provides smoother control during acceleration, deceleration, and running. With slotless BLDC, managing torque during operational cycles allows for previously unattainable control.
  3.  High-Speed Performance: A lower electrical time constant allows improved performance at high speeds. Elevated magnetic flux densities provide high torque-to-inertia ratios that make slotless motors popular for increased performance applications.
  4.  Low Noise Levels: Elinco achieves acoustical noise levels under 57 dB due to a uniform winding distribution.
  5.  High Efficiency: Elimination of stator teeth enables compact, even winding placement within the stator housing and circumference. Coupled with reduced core loss, the slotless design produces a more efficient motor for the same speed and torque output as traditional BLDC units
  6. Easier Cooling: Generated heat is easily dissipated through the frame of the motor without a significant amount of heat being transferred through the bearings, resulting in extended product life.

Brushless DC Motors by Elinco International

At Elinco International, we specialize in designing and developing high-performance DC brushless motors for a wide range of industries and applications. Elinco provides patented BLDC technology for design-specific engineering services and products. We offer a variety of torque, power, and NEMA size ranges to fit your application requirements. If you would like more information, reach out to a member of our team for effective solutions and friendly service.