Clinical Diagnostics

Clinical diagnostics are an essential aspect of medical care, and a wide range of electric motor-powered devices are used throughout the medical industry to detect and treat diseases. Applications ranging from blood work and routine physicals to emergency room visits all require medical diagnostic tools to discover changes in our bodies and administer treatments. 

In this industry, precision and speed are critical requirements for diagnostic tools, such as CT scanners, X-ray equipment, and MRI machines. How quickly and accurately these machines deliver analyses heavily depends on their motion control abilities.

Clinical Diagnostic Machines

Medical diagnostic machines utilize motion control in all of their functions. For example, a diagnostic machine takes and analyzes samples within test tubes by having them travel through various stages of the machine. The machine uses motion control to move the sample from preparation to final analysis. First, the test tube or well moves into a position from which the sample can be drawn. Next, a needle lowers down into the test tube to remove the sample, and reagents are then added. All of these movements are controlled by motors. 

Typically, clinical diagnostic machines have multiple motion axes that can work independently or simultaneously to accomplish the required tasks. To maximize system throughput, multiple motion solutions are required for clinical diagnostic machines. For example, X-Y-Z movement, precision fluid handling, and dispensing all require individualized motor technology solutions. As a world leader in motion control products, Elinco International JPC has the experience and technology required to meet each application’s specific needs. 

Brushless DC Motors for Clinical Diagnostics

Clinical diagnostic machines feature many components that require mechanical power to operate. There are several types of motors to choose from to power these components, each with its own benefits. When selecting the best motor for a clinical diagnostic application, it’s important to consider factors such as motor torque, efficiency, noise level, and lifespan. 

Slotless and Slotted Brushless DC Motors

Slotless and Slotted Brushless DC motors offer high efficiency and higher speeds, making them the ideal choice for high throughput applications, such as those with over 1,000 assays analyzed in one hour. Another analyzer function that plays a critical role in their output is collecting samples from the assays or vials and serving them up to measurement systems based on chromatography, photometry, or other appropriate schemes.

Brushless DC and AC Fans and Blowers

Elinco International JPC supplies fans for medical imaging systems that require high precision or operate at extreme G-loads. Our brushless DC and AC fans and blowers feature specialized bearings and bearing supports to create high-load fans, and our special stepper motor windings or stator structures offer high precision and low noise. Over 50% of the world’s CT scan machines use fans from Elinco International JPC, and our fans are found in three of the top four CT scan machine manufacturers.  


clinical diagnostics infographicMotion Control Products from Elinco International JPC

Choosing the most appropriate motion solution for any application involves an evaluation of price-to-performance, which heavily depends on the required precision, efficiency, environmental conditions, and complexity of the analyzer. A wide range of motor technologies is available to meet the varying motion requirements and axes of operation in medical analyzers.

Elinco International JPC is a world leader in motion control, and our precision fans and motors can be found in medical diagnostic and imaging equipment around the world. To learn more about how our products can benefit your clinical diagnostic application, contact us today.