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Medical Technology

Brushless DC and AC Fans and Blowers

MRI Machine

Medical imaging systems use our fans that operate at extreme G-Loads or require high precision. Special bearings and bearing support are used to create high –Load fans and special stepper motor windings or stator structures offer high precision and low noise. Our fans are used in over 50% of the worlds CT scan machines and are found in 3 of the top 4 makers of CT scan machines.


Slotless Brushless DC Motors

Medical Dental Office

Our Slotless Brushless DC (SBLDC) motor consists of a stator winding positioned inside a laminated stator ring (without conventional teeth) and a permanent magnet motor. This provides more peripheral space for the stator winding. This also allows more magnet surface and flux. Powerful rare earth magnets provide high torque to motor weight ratios. The absence of stator teeth enables more copper winding and power density which can develop more torque. It also eliminates torque cogging and minimizes audible noise.

Slotless Motors

  • Random Wound: Frame Sizes:
    • Low DC Voltage: 16mm, 28mm, 36mm, 57mm
    • High AC Voltage: 27mm, 34mm, 45mm, 49mm
  • Form Wound: Rectangular Windings, Custom Only

Slotless Motors