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Custom Electric Motors, Engineering, and Design

At Elinco JPC, our team of engineering professionals have extensive experience designing, manufacturing, and distributing brushless DC motors and air moving products. Our company offers a strong sales network across North America and working relationships throughout Europe and Asia. Along with our core DC motor offerings, Elinco JPC provides value-added engineering and design services for encoders, gearboxes, actuators, controllers and machined assemblies to provide fully integrated cooling or motion systems.

Custom Motor Engineering Services

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Engineering and Design Services

The expert team at Elinco provides a wide range of product-related services to provide holistic solutions. Our core engineering and design services include:

Motion Profile Evaluation

Whether your team requires sizing an off-the-shelf standard product, value-add modifications, or a complete product design, our engineers can determine solutions from the start. Elinco will directly interface with your development team to streamline communication.

With our engineering services, we can assess:

  • Application motion sizing
  • Motion axis troubleshooting
  • Specifications and requirements
  • Cooling chamber needs

Value-Add Services

To meet our customers’ needs, Elinco provides specialized modification services that complement our standard electric motors. We can modify one of our standard products or design and fabricate custom tooling and mechanical parts for integration. Elinco also provides customizations for assembly and finishing as needed.

In addition to our modification services, Elinco offers machining capabilities specifically for components that are outside of requested specifications. This allows us to ensure all tolerances and dimensions are correct prior to shipping to the customer.

Benefits of our value-add services include:

  • Competitive costs
  • Reduced BOM items
  • Shorter lead times
  • Ability to perform minor modifications such as drilling, tapping, and adding encoders
  • Ability to complete assembly work, ie. adapter plates, lead wire connectors, machined subcomponents etc.

Design and Manufacturing

For custom designing and manufacturing, Elinco provides comprehensive design and prototypes for both actuators and electric motors. Various standard or custom laminations are used along with required motor lengths. Our design and manufacturing process incorporates the following stages:

  • Data Collection
  • Design Development
  • Engineering Prints and Price Quoting
  • Sourcing Components
  • Sample Manufacturing
  • In-House Assembly
  • Testing
  • Production Completion

For the design process, we develop accurate models with industrial CAD software. We’ll also perform a tolerance analysis to ensure the design is producible and will fit into your application. Once the model is created, we use leading FEA software to accurately predict how your product will react to different physical phenomena. Using simulated models, we automate multivariable design for product optimization. Individual projects are organized and managed in Elinco’s PDM system for design control and tracking of revision changes.

Product Distribution

Our clients can also benefit from a robust standard product offering:

  • Worldwide sourcing to minimize costs
  • Manufacturing lead time reduction through stocking
  • Expert labor force
  • On-site testing and certification processes from our ISO-certified production sites

Our Engineered Products

At Elinco, we can assemble motors to meet custom mechanical, dimensional, and environmental requirements. Our assembly customizations include:

  • Custom Actuators. Industrial actuators provide linear push/pull capabilities, with various motors, ratings, and capacities based on application needs.
  • Encoders. Encoders convert motion into electrical signals that measure the rotating shaft’s speed, direction, and position as incremental or absolute values.
  • Gearboxes. Our electric motor gearboxes combine a mounted gearbox with an electric motor into one simple package. This helps to lower costs for designs requiring high torque with a low speed output, reduces overall complexity, and saves time spent matching components.
  • Dampers. Dampers manage the movement of air in process control systems. They use various blade types and offer different capabilities based on their pressure classes.
  • Enclosures. Integrated fan or blower assemblies with harnesses or controls.

Engineering and Design Services by Elinco International

Elinco International is a leading provider of high performance electric motors and air movement products or integrated systems. Contact us today to learn more about our custom and value-add services.

Value Added Manufacturing

Elinco value-added manufacturing offer our strong capability to manufacture motors specific to your environmental, mechanical, and dimensional requirements. Value Added Manufacturing for motors include pulley and coupling installation, encoders, gearboxes, special shafts, dampers and more.

Encoders Encoders

Verification & Accuracy with Encoders

Vibration Vibration

Resonance & Vibration with Dampers

Gearboxes Gearboxs

Precision Gearbox Options.

Motors Intelligent Motors with Electronic Design

Intelligent Motors with Electronic Design

Shaft options Shaft options

Many Shaft options easily and quickly Configured

Custom Housings Custom Housings

End Bell Design

Customized Windings Customized Windings

Semi-Custom or Custom

Electro-Mechanical Design Active Material Analysis

Software Analytics Neodymium, Ferrite, or FCC Magnets

Thermal Analysis Thermal Analysis

Fluid Dynamic analysis Vibration analysis
Magnetic field analysis/ circuit design Strength analysis
Electrical Power force calculation Mold-flow analysis

Enviromental Proection Enviromental Proection

Standard Coating, E-Coating, Various IP Ratings

Bearings Bearings


Connectors & Wiring Connectors & Wiring

Special Lead wires and Connectors