Industrial Equipment - Nut Runners

At Elinco International JPC, we specialize in designing and creating high-quality brushless DC motors. Our inventory includes a varied selection of DC motors for a wide range of industrial applications. Our slotless brushless DC (SBLDC) motors are uniquely suited for high-performance nut runners.

Our SBLDC motors feature a design without conventional teeth and a permanent magnet motor, allowing for more peripheral space for the stator winding, more air gap flux, and more magnet surface area. Powerful magnets provide high torque to motor weight ratios, and the toothless design enables the development of more torque while eliminating cogging and minimizing noise.

What Is a Nut Runner?

Nut runners are torque wrenches that quickly tighten all fasteners on an assembly. Not only can they secure visibly loose bolts and screws, but operators can use them to test and correct each point. These proactive testing and tightening capabilities ensure in-progress assemblies meet job specifications before moving on to the next stage of the assembly process.

Nut runners are powered by motors, and it’s crucial for every nut runner in a production center to have a reliable, high-powered motor that generates enough force to tighten fasteners quickly. The faster the free speed that a motor can generate, the more efficient the process is. Our SBLDC motors offer high torque density and high voltage capabilities, and their efficient construction allows them to power increasingly small and light nut runners without sacrificing performance. This enables faster work and reduces the risk of repetitive stress injuries for operators.

Industrial Automation

Automotive, marine, and other production manufacturing centers rely on nut runners to efficiently tighten fasteners like bolts and screws. Most of these facilities use industrial automated systems to increase production speed, efficiency, and safety. Since nut runners provide tight torque control, they are commonly implemented in automated systems for a variety of precision assembly and fastening applications.

Nut runners offer many of the advantages of other automated tools and systems. Because they can be used to tighten screws and bolts to a set tightness threshold, they don’t present the risk of overtightening or damage. They can also tighten fasteners within the set specifications of a project, which reduces the risk of errors and prevents an assembly from falling below certain production standards.

Using the right motor for your nut runners ensures maximum power and efficiency. Our SBLDC motors are designed to provide enhanced speed and torque for all of your automated fastening needs, improve cycle times, and offer reliable and long-lasting motorization.

Why Choose Elinco Motors for Nut Runners?

Elinco International JPC offers SBLDC motors for nut runner applications in the marine, automotive, and various other production industries. Our motors can be found in Tesla, Ford, Fiat, GM, and many other factories worldwide. With premium quality and power, our SBLDC motors feature an innovative toothless design to provide reliable torque and speed for your nut runner application. For more information about our SBLDC motors, contact us or browse our catalog today.