Medical Equipment and Laboratory Automation
Medical Equipment and Laboratory Automation

Speciallydesigned rotor and stator configuration and structure and Neodymium orNon-Neodymium options and vertically integrated Japanese manufacturinggive our motors the performance edge required for motors to optimizeperformance in laboratory or medical applications.

Hybrid Stepping Motors > More information

Automotive Production
Automotive Production

Nutrunners are used to tighten down bolts and screws on Automotiveproduction manufacturing plants. Our motors are designed into Ford,Fiat, Tesla, GM and many other factories worldwide. > More information

Slotless BLDC Motors – Standard and Custom Design

Telecom Equipment Data Servers
Telecom Equipment Data Servers

Weare the industry leader in high air flow and low noise fans andblowers. High efficiency motors reduce drive current, built in PWMcontrolled circuit allows for lower input power and lower noise.

Ourfans ensure cooling of highly differentiated Telecom networks linked byundersea cables worldwide. High reliability and performance is requiredto move massive amounts of data across oceans. > More information

Brushless DC fans – High Pressure and Low Noise versions

Aerospace and Defense
Aerospace and Defense

SlotlessBLDC motors have proven to have high efficiency and low cogging. Forvarious aircraft and military applications our motors and fans prove tohave the added performance reliability that is required. Cooling fansare used in Commercial and Military aircraft applications. > More information

Medical Assemblies
Medical Assemblies – Vertically integrated Japanese Design.
High volume Manufacturing in Vietnam

Stepperand BLDC motor and Fans are integrated into sub-assemblies that areused by major Medical OEM companies Worldwide. By controlling partsprocurement through Japanese companies and aligning with production inVietnam, we are able to achieve the optimal balance of superior qualityand performance at low cost manufacturing centers with reliable labor.See our medical assembly section for medical certificationsachieved.
Medical device equipment staged for final test > More information


  • Automotive
    Automotive Production

    Nut runners are used to tighten down bolts and screws in Automotive production manufacturing plants. Our motors are designed into Ford, Fiat, Tesla, GM and many other factories worldwide.

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  • Medical Technology
    Medical Technology

    Stepping Motors with two phase or three phase winding and special patented drives for smooth and accurate rotation provide state of the art performance and very low cost compared to BLDC motors for extremely demanding applications. Fans and blowers with specially designed blades and venturi’s produce some of the lowest noise in the world. Our motors and fans are designed into most of the leading major manufacturers of Scanning equipment worldwide.

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  • Office Automation
    Office Automation

    Permanent Magnet DC motors and Stepping Motors are used in a wide variety of applications in the business office environment. From ID Card Printing to Visitor Management, to security and entry systems to various kinds of printers, our motors high accuracy, low noise and low vibration improve the environment throughout the entire office building.

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  • Industrial Automation
    Industrial Automation

    Stepping Motors are used in applications from stage lighting to positioning mirrors for solar arrays. Brushless DC motors, AC Motors, PMDC Motors have interchangeable gearboxes across product lines and packaged or onboard drives and controls. Fans and blowers are designed for high reliability, long life, and high performance relating to noise and high pressure or high flow applications.

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  • Aerospace and Defense
    Aerospace and Defense

    Slotless BLDC motors have proven to have high efficiency and log cogging. For various aircraft and military applications our motors and fans prove to have the added performance reliability that is required. Our form wound slotless BLDC motors are used in underwater vehicles for governments around the worlds.

    Aero Defense MotorMore Information
  • Communications
    Telecom Equipment Data Servers

    If overheating prevents a control cabinet from fully performing this will have consequences for the productivity and service life of the installation. Highly efficient cooling packages are the reliable thermal management system to guarantee operation.

    Fans and blowers with specially wound BLDC Motors heat sunk to metal venturi’s obtain superior efficiency and cooling.

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New Products

KV28 / KA59  Thin Profile Hybrid Stepper

KV28 / KA59 Thin ProfileHybrid Stepper

When it comes to high torque and small package size for Hybrid steppers, the Nidec Servo KV28 and KA59 Motor is the right choice. It has precision inhouse machined parts and is available in two sizes. The smaller motor is 9.4mm thick and the larger is 9.6mm thick, with Holding Torques of 14.7 and 78.5 mNm.

More Information
FP8S / FP10S High Efficiency AC-DC Motor

FP8S / FP10S High EfficiencyAC-DC Motor

Suitable for Use Evaporator and Condenser Applications IP66: Dust Tight with all angle Moisture Protection High Efficiency (up to 70%), Includes Plug, Speed Nut, Rubber Isolator Ul/CUL Approved E58417, Aluminum Frame, Thermally Protected Robust Ball Bearing System, Standard Shaft Size 1 /4 -20 thread Universal Mounting, Standard 3-hole style, Dual Side Bosses

More Information
KF42 Series High Torque Hybrid Stepper

KF42 Series High TorqueHybrid Stepper

Extraordinary torque is achieved by special rotor and stator and magnet design. See curves to the left. Available in production now. This allows the designer to reduce package size of the motor. Available in different stack sizes and a large selection of windings.

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