About Japanese Products Corp.

About Japanese Products Corp.

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Fairfield Metro

Located at the Fairfield Metro a 1.1 mil sq./ft. commercial development and regional commuter rail station on the New York City metro rail line (1 hour from Manhattan).

A World Leader in Motion Control and Thermal Control Products

Japanese Products Corp. (JPC) was founded by an engineer from Perkin Elmer in 1969, and was initiated to sell the motors and fans of Japan Servo Company (now Nidec Servo ) throughout North America. The company grew rapidly in the 1970’s and 1980’s in diverse markets including Hard Disk Drives , supplying the drive’s motor. JPC continues to expand in the 1990's and 2000's in multiple industries including Medical Devices, Lighting, Automotive, Telecommunications, and many others. JPC's sister company Elinco International, Inc. manufactures Brushless DC motors.

Company Meeting
Company Meeting

From Left to Right. Tokyo, Japan 1997
Don Cassalia – President,
John McLaughlin COB (former divisional head of small appliance GE) Shigano Sasaki (President of Japan Servo)
Joe Ferreira (former Sr VP at Nidec and Torin)

In 1991 JPC was acquired by former GE Executives, who also ran independent motor manufacturing operations in North America. In the 2000 era some motor companies were divested. What emerged is distribution of Nidec-Servo products (formerly Japan Servo), distribution of Nidec Sankyo products, and value added operations and Slotless Brushless DC motor manufacturing at it's affiliated companies. Nidec is a $12 bil. manufacturer of Brushless DC motors worldwide.

JPC retains a number of executives and managers with extensive experience in the motor and fan business, and with broad experience in leading motor and fan companies. The company has a strong sales network throughout North America, as well as working relationships throughout Asia and Europe.

JPC’s principle line of business is brushless motors and cooling fans, and value adds operations of encoders, gears, gearboxes or gear systems, and stand alone drivers/controllers or fully integrated motion or cooling systems. JPC is head- quartered in Fairfield,CT with regional offices in Fairfield, Chicago and Scottsdale. We go to market through fourteen independent Rep companies throughout Canada, the USA, and Mexico.

Facts and Figures

1969 (Elinco division 1926)
Legal Form
Family-owned Stock owned. Majority Sharehold. Tom McLaughlin CEO
Company Focus
Japanese Design and Manufacturing Technology of Motors, Air Moving Devices, and Drives.
Distribution Network
Worldwide in 12 countries
Brushless DC Motors, Stepper Motors, Stepper Motor Linear Actuators, Integrated Drivers, Permanent Magnet DC, Performance BLDC Fans and Blowers, Encoders ,Gearboxes, Servo amplifiers, positioning controllers
CIM and MIM components, customized drives.
Main Markets
Communication, Industrial Automation, Medical Technology, Office Automation, Security, Home Automation, Automotive.

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