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Stepper Motor Voltage Explained

Stepper motor ‘voltage’ is an often confusing subject. Many motor drivers use widely varying bus voltages to operate stepper motors. In fact, identical stepper motors can be (and commonly are) operated at greatly different voltages in different systems. How can the same motor be run at different voltages? How does the bus voltage impact the stepper motor’s performance?

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3Phase Stepper motor laser demo

3 Phase Stepping Motor

R&D / Engineering Headquarters

The 3 Phase Stepper Motor offers a middle course between the 2 phase stepper motor (standard) and the 5 phase stepper motor with very small step angle and low vibrations.These 3 Phase Stepper Motor are widely used on small to mid-sized CNC milling machines, CNC lathes, Pick-place machines, Laser Engravers and Laser Cutters and CNC Plasma Cutters.
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Optimized magnetic Circuit Steps up Motor’s Performance.

Optimized Magnetic Circuit Steps Up Motor’s Performance.

Manufacturers employ hybrid stepping motors in office automation equipment, industrial equipment, medical machines, and game machines for these parts can be easily controlled in position and speed. In hybrid stepping motor, power control as well as position and speed control is required. and the high-performance trend is based on high torque.

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Construction difference of Brushless vs Brushed motor

Brushless motor vs Brushed motor

For several years now, we’ve been seeing brushless motor dominating advance power tool industry. Does it really make difference to use brushless over brush motor? Yes, absolutely. There are significant difference between them.

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Why “SLOTLESS” brushless DC motors?

Why “SLOTLESS” brushless DC motors?

The “Slotless” brushless DC motor technology has been, and continues to be, pioneered by Elinco. It has been proven in production and field operation. This patented design consists, basically, of a stator winding positioned inside a laminated stator ring (without conventional teeth) and at permanent magnet rotor. This design provides several advantages over conventional Brushless DC motor construction.

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Subject: Design of XXXXX Motor with Improved Km.

Elinco are pleased to provide  design and analysis for the improvement of the XXXXX motor. We have created a MotorSolve model of the xxxxxxxx. This is the XXXXX that we received from Elinco and tested here. We are providing three options for improvement of the Km of this motor.

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