Elinco International JPC offers fast solutions on Mechanical, Electrical, and Metal design? Utilize Customization and Value Add Capability.

Improve PerformanceQuality per ISO and Six SigmaSpecial DocumentationSave TimeSupply Chain Control

Value Added Manufacturing

Elinco value-added manufacturing offer our strong capability to manufacture motors specific to your environmental, mechanical, and dimensional requirements. Value Added Manufacturing for motors include pulley and coupling installation, encoders, gearboxes, special shafts, dampers and more.

Encoders Encoders

Verification & Accuracy with Encoders

Vibration Vibration

Resonance & Vibration with Dampers

Gearboxs Gearboxs

Precision Gearbox Options.

Intelligent Motors with Electronic Design

Intelligent Motors with Electronic Design

Shaft options Shaft options

Many Shaft options easily and quickly Configured

Custom Housings Custom Housings

End Bell Design

Customized Windings Customized Windings

Semi-Custom or Custom

Active Material Analysis Active Material Analysis

Software Analytics Neodymium, Ferrite, or FCC Magnets

Thermal Analysis Thermal Analysis

Fluid Dynamic analysis Vibration analysis
Magnetic field analysis/ circuit design Strength analysis
Electrical Power force calculation Mold-flow analysis

Enviromental Proection Enviromental Proection

Standard Coating, E-Coating, Various IP Ratings

Bearings Bearings


Connectors & Wiring Connectors & Wiring

Special Lead wires and Connectors