Brushless DC Motors
FYD Series <2500 rpmFYD Series <2500 rpm

Low cogging
High efficiency
High power density
Packaged or OnBoard Driver

Motors have a low profile. Onboard or separate driver options.

FHD Series <2500 rpmFHD Series <2500 rpm

Motors are designed small and high performance
We recently released a special magnetic circuit design motor. This motor design is smaller and has a higher performance than conventional FED, FYD series motors.
Compact design Driver - "Palm Mini R" Type is the smallest. (20 W, 40 W only)
Wide range (200 r/min-2500 r/min 60 W:65 r/min-2500 r/min), stepless speed control.
Very steady characteristics (Feed back control employed).
Speed pulse output can be used for speed

SL Series SlotlessSL Series Slotless

An Elinco slotless brushless DC (SBLDC) motor consists of a stator winding positioned inside a laminated stator ring (without conventional teeth) and a permanent magnet motor. This provides more peripheral space for the stator winding.

This also allows more magnet surface area and more air gap fl ux. Powerful rare earth magnets provide high torque to motor weight ratios. The absence of stator teeth enables more winding copper and power density which can develop more torque. It also eliminates

VH Series High SpeedVH Series High Speed

Small size motors with high performance Speed range (2500 RPM TO 10,000 RPM) Customized end bells and stack lengths. Special windings. High efficiency winding.

Elinco's VH series BLDC motors are an ideal choice for application that requires high reliability, high efficiency, and high power to volume ratio. They are capable of providing a large amount of torque over different speed ranges. The VH series motors are internally commutated motors designed to run from direct current source. 

Stepper Motors
KF Series 2 Phase SquareNema 17, 23KF Series 2 Phase Square Nema 17, 23

New KF Series has an additional 5-10% more torque than competitor motors

A motor size down, achieving the torque of one size up. Expanding the rotor diameter to its maximum limit within a new "flattened" structure allows the 42motor profile to be maintained.
Large Rotor
High Torque

KA 2 Phase RoundNema 17, 23KA 2 Phase Round Nema 17, 23

The best magnetic balance is employed in our round type stepping motor. Motor performance is greatly improved using the latest technology of three-dimensional magnetic field analysis and robust design.

KT Series 3 PhaseNema 15, 17, 23, 24, 34KT Series 3 Phase Nema 15, 17, 23, 24, 34

Drive Circuit is simplified because the motor is driven with star winding connection.
Ultra-low vibration and low noise achieved with our micro-step driver

KH Series 2 Phase SquareNema 17, 23KH Series 2 Phase Square Nema 17, 23

Base original design forms the foundation of future designs. Improved vibration, noise level, and efficiency

Drives and Controls
2 Phase Driver +
Controller Standard.
OEM Design available.2 Phase Driver + Controller Standard. OEM Design available.
3 Phase Driver +
Controller Standard.
OEM Design available3 Phase Driver + Controller Standard. OEM Design available
Packaged DriversPackaged Drivers

Uni-polar or Bi-polar constant current driver. The micro-stepping feature may be selected from anyone of the following settings:
1/1 (full step), 1/2 (micro-step), and 1/4 (micro step).
Input commands may be selected from either direction-of-rotation separate serial pulse signals or a combination of directional signals and pulse signals.

Closed Loop Stepper DriversClosed Loop Drivers

New 2 phase Control System allows Stepping motor to operate at High Speeds 0.72 can be achieved (same as 5 phase motors) and can be divided by 80 (or 0.009 deg) Unique out of step position can be detected (only for motor shaft speeds greater than 500 rpm) Available using our 2 phase Square size 17 and size 23 stepper motors.

Fans and Blowers
Tube Axial FansTube Axial Fans

Wide variety of product: 35 kinds (40 mm Sq x 20 mm long-120 mm Sq x 38 mm long Sensor installed models are also offered.

Suitable for needs of bigger air flow rate required (generate air circulation flow inside of the unit.)

Silent FansSilent Fans

Wide low-noise range (noise reduced in high density devices) 2-way vibration reduction (lowers resonant noise of entire device) Energy Efficient (wide reduction compared to previous model) Design to improve sound (for low speed applications) Sensors Available (lock, pulse) Variable speed available (PWM, voltage resistance)

High Pressure FansHigh Pressure Fans