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ELINCO International Current Catalogs

Corporate Catalog (PDF - 1.82MB)
Slotless Brushless DC Motors (PDF - 5.24MB)
Form Wound Slotless BLDC Catalog (PDF - 6.10MB)


Current Catalogs

Nidec Corporate Catalog (PDF - 14.96MB)

Motor Catalogs

DC Motors (PDF - 3.51MB)
DMN Series (PDF - 1.37MB)
Brushless DC Motors & Speed Control Drivers - FHD FYD Series (PDF - 1.80MB)
DC Brushless motor with Built-in Driver (PDF - 239KB)
2Phase Hybrid Stepping Motors - KA Series (PDF - 1.26MB)
2Phase Hybrid Stepping Motors & Drivers KH42-B900 Series (PDF - 1.26KB)
Hybrid Stepping Motors and Drives (size 23, 56mm square) (PDF - 2.56MB)
New Non-Neodymium Stepper Motor line up (PPT - 3.99MB)
Small AC Synchronous Motors (PDF - 68KB)
Stepping SERVOs FWD line up (PDF - 233KB)

Fan catalogs

Silent Blower Series (PDF - 612KB)
DC Axial Fan Catalog- D1751M/S Series (PDF - 1.00MB)
Fans and Blowers General Catalog (PDF - 4.93MB)
DC Axial Fan Catalog - G Series (PDF - 1.63MB)
Gentle Typhoon - 92 x 25mm - Silent Fans (PDF - 1.18MB)
Gentle Typhoon I - 120 x 25mm - Silent Fans (PDF - 1.14MB)
Gentle Typhoon II - 120 x 25mm - Silent Fans (PDF - 1.28MB)
Nidec Servo Cross Flow Fans (PDF - 105KB)

Old Catalogs Out of Print

3 Phase Size 17 with Built in Driver - Proprietary Chip Technology (PDF -240KB)
Hybrid Stepping Motors and Drivers I - 800 Type (PDF - 11.1MB)
Hybrid Stepping Motors and Drivers II - 800 Type (PDF - 11.1MB)


Vietnam Facility Overview (PPT - 1.82MB)
Silent Fans Application Notes (PDF - 496KB)
Slipring Presentation (PDF - 1.46MB)
High Definition Sliprings NEW (PPT - 753KB)
Corporate Profile (PDF - 3.93MB)
FY60 vs. KT90 3 phase - Dialysis (PPT - 245KB)
Medical Pumps (PDF - 3.31MB)
Ultra Thin Steppers (PDF - 434KB)

Elinco Archived Catalogs

A Frame Motors (PDF - 3.91MB)
Air Blowers and Fans (PDF - 11.80MB)
Commutator Motors Blue (PDF - 11.15MB)
Commutator Motors (PDF - 12.38MB)
D.C. Generators_ A.C. Generators (PDF - 7.90MB)
G Frame Motors (PPT - 2.50MB)
High_Performace_BLDC (PDF - 2.70Mb)
HP_BLDC (PDF - 2.70Mb)
Hysteresis Motors - 1949 (PDF - 3.50MB)
Hysteresis Motors - Stamford (PDF - 2.40MB)
Induction Motors_Torque Motors (PDF - 13.30MB)
Magnetic Shaft Position Encoders (PDF - 2.80MB)
Motors and Generators (PDF - 15.80MB)
Self- synchronous Motors (PDF - 2.92MB)
Synchronous Motors Tan (PDF - 11.40MB)
Synchronous Motors (PDF - 10.20MB)
Type FB Motors Generators (PDF - 2.80MB)
White and Yellow (PDF - 2.00MB)
Yellow (PDF - 10.70MB)

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