JPC works with one world leading Japanese manufacturer of stepper motors, BLDC motors, and BLDC fans and blowers, for selected applications at major OEM companies.
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Manufacturing Overview

 JPC sister company Elinco International, Inc. manufactures brushless DC motors and routinely adds or provides gears, encoders, lead assemblies, dampers, gearbox and electronic assemblies to Nidec Servo motors. All components meet quality standards provided by Nidec Servo and our customers. Our design and manufacturing engineering staff are ready to support your requirements.

Elinco International, Inc. 

Brushless Motor Manufacturing and Value Add and Assembly Operations

Slotless Brushless Catalog

JPC' affiliated company, Elinco International, Inc. offers a great deal of flexibility, responsiveness, and expertise in the design and fabrication of custom SBLDC motors. There are few restrictions on the physical dimensions choices since stator laminations are simple annular rings, economcal to produce, and high energy magnets are readily available in arcs and slabs of all sizes. There is freedom to choose magnetic and mechanical air gaps, number of poles, pole spans, backiron thickness, magnetic densities, and copper fill, etc., for each specific application.

      Production  in Bridgeport Connecticut         Production near Shanghai China             

     Slotless Brushless Motor Manufacturing   

Value Add and Asembly Operations                      

   Cable Assemblies                                                                         Encoders                       


 Gears, Pulleys, Gearheads




















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