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Why “SLOTLESS” brushless DC motors?

Why “SLOTLESS” brushless DC motors?

The “Slotless” brushless DC motor technology has been, and continues to be, pioneered by Elinco. It has been proven in production and field operation. This patented design consists, basically, of a stator winding positioned inside a laminated stator ring (without conventional teeth) and at permanent magnet rotor. This design provides several advantages over conventional Brushless DC motor construction.

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Subject: Design of XXXXX Motor with Improved Km.

Elinco are pleased to provide  design and analysis for the improvement of the XXXXX motor. We have created a MotorSolve model of the xxxxxxxx. This is the XXXXX that we received from Elinco and tested here. We are providing three options for improvement of the Km of this motor.

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